Unique and raw strings!

Bowed Guitar

The Instrument

As the name suggests “Bowed Guitars” is a collection of acoustic guitar and acoustic bass instruments played exclusively with a bow. By playing these instruments this way, you´ll get a special and unique string sound: intimate and intensive with slight organic scraping. The bass is available as an amped or a clean version. We used a Martin acoustic guitar and a Harley Benton acoustic bass.

The Content

For each instrument we recorded every note in a short, long and tremolo variation in at least 2 Round Robin variations. The long and short notes are key switched in one patch (not in the amped bass version), in which you can control either the dynamic or the attack by using the modwheel. You also get scriptings for each instrument providing a lot of variations such as length of release, amp simulation, reverb amount etc.

The Package

There are available 12 patches:
Acoustic Guitar: long, short and tremolo notes of each
Acoustic Bass (both clean and amped): long, short and tremolo notes
Bowed Guitar Ensemble: long (additional gated version) and short notes
For more details please read the manual.
Kontakt 3 full version is required

The Price: 35 EUR. (approximately 42 USD)

Listen to Bowed Guitar

CLERICAL DANCE additional: Bowed Psaltery, Downbeat Box, Spieluhr and Glockenspiel, Percussion Set Score, © by EvG
SOUR BALLS additional: Alto Glockenspiel, Celtic Nylon Harp, Magnus Organ, Electronic Pinao, external Piano and real Guitar Score, © by EvG
SPEAK AND CHASE additional: Downbeat Box, Dulcimer Quartett, German Monochord, Kantele, Metalic Objects, Percussion Set, Saegezahn PopScore, © by EvG