Musical Ping Pong!


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The Instrument

Poing? Just let two balls bouncing inside an enclosed area and let them play a sound each time they are contacting an obstacle! That exactly is Poing - It is musical Ping Pong. But also much more....

The Content

Poing! is a self generating musical tool which makes sounds by every touch of two balls with the border of an area in which the balls are bouncing or 3 bars inside this area. These bars can also move either automatically or controlled by the mod wheel. Poing! provides four different sound sources, which can be mixed with four seperate knobs. These are a Monochord, a Gentle Glockenspiel, a normal Sinus Sounds and the sound of a glass bowl.
In order to shape the sound of Poing there are available a lot of options: reverb, delay, phaser and a low pass resonance filter. But you can also set the pitch and the scale of the generated notes. There are available 10 different kinds of scales such as major-, minor, whole-tone, chromatic or mixed scales. Finally you can separatly start each ball and adjust the speed of them. Because of its advanced scripting Poing! is like the 80ies video game - just musically fun.

Beside using Poing! as a self generating tool you are also free to play Poing! manually with your keyboard.

The Package

One complex Kontakt patch with endless options.
Kontakt 4 full version is required. For more details please read the manual..

Listen to Poing

Just Poing 7 x instances of POING ?, © by EvG
4 x Poing to hear more, just watch the walkthrough. Pop, © by EvG