Sagezahn Free


We sampled a lot of different synths and machines and came up with 8 sample set/ sounds which can all be played at one time. There sets are:

  • Saw 72, a fat and warm saw
  • Funk Boy punchy and phasing saw
  • Juno typical saw
  • SyncClavs typical Juno clavinet simulation
  • Phat Ape big and aggressive saw
  • X-esq 80ies alike saw
  • MS Fart 1 Osc pure saw of Korg MS20
  • MS Dbl Saw 2 Osc pure saw of Korg MS20

Furthermore we created a realistic „synthesizer“ gui, with lots of options and abilities to tweak the entire sound. Filter modulation, velocity control to filter or volume etc. Add distortion, or just detune one sound like the "ensemble" chorus of Roland. Or just use the simple but effective arpeggiator. All makes great fun and is now free to use.

Kontakt 5.6.8. OR LATER
Approx. 200 Samples
65 MB Compressed

Listen to some audio demos

TIME FOR COMPLAINTS Drowning by Numbers
TIME FOR COMPLAINTS Drowning by Numbers Only the Saw Synth