Chimes Free

Realistic Glissando

This is solid Bar Chimes, with 26 aluminium chimes with silver alloy coating and red wood frame.

We recorded every single one of the 26 bars and programmed and arranged the real vibrations and response of the bar chimes. You can control the most important parameters (as shown below), though you’re free to build your own sound, whether you want solo bar chimes or a mellow glissando sound in the background.

The tone controls the sound of the single bar from rich (0) to thin (10), the response controls the amount of vibration or response of the other bars and the delay controls the repetition of the response.

KOntakt 5.6.8. OR LATER
Approx. 1.200 Samples
600 MB Compressed
Each bar is sepearted Realistsic Glissando

Listen to some audio demos

Scullaby Eric van Gent