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The kalimba is not just one kalimba - No, the kalimba is a big bundle of six different kalimbas and 2 articulations of the famous Guitaret. They are all different and all have a different sound. But that's not all! To round the kalimba sound up and give it a special touch, we've added a whole bunch of layers such as Cembalet, Pandrum, Music Box, etc.

The Kalimba provides 9 effects that you can use to customize your sound. And to better experience all the complexity of the Kalimba, we've added 13 presets that represent the full range of the instrument... or just let all parameters be set randomly.

Grab it :)

Kontakt 5.6.8. OR LATER
Approx. 1.000 Samples
350 MB Compressed
16 indivdual instruments and 13 presets great versatility

Listen to some audio demos

Schleifen Jumpel
Dub Maker Joel Frias
Monets Sight Marc Rohles
Gimmel Gibbs Eric van Gent
Jugo de Naranja Johnny
The Timekeeper Adi Goldstein
Hausig Til
Deogemo Ege

This is what you get

8 instruments at once
6 different kalimbas with different articuations, 2 articuations of the famous Guitaret

8 additiojnal layer instruments
mechanical Cembalet, Indonesian Gambang, a giant cajon called Marimbula, Guitar Harmonics, Pandrum (Orbi Pan) a tiny music box and 2 exciting layer of reverse kalimba sounds

The typical Cinematique Instrument dice option

13 presets versatility
The kalimba provides 13 presets in order to experience the world of kalimba.

Multi fx options
All in all there 9 different and separate effects on board: tone know, lowpass filter, attack and decay slider, rotary and chorus, drive and bit criushing and finally a reverb with 9 different types of reverb

What is the Kalimba

The kalimba is an African plucked string instrument called an idiophone.

Traditionally, kalimbas were played by the Shona people of Zimbabwe. Kalimbas are simple - they consist of staggered metal tines and bars attached. The kalimba is originally played with fingers.

We recorded many different kalimbas in different ways with different mallets in 4 round robin variations and up to 4 velocity layers. The result is now 6 different Kalimbas, which all differ enormously in sound and charisma. We have supplemented this collection with two variations of the famous Hohner Guitaret. You can now play this group of kalimbas with a second group of sounds, the layers, at the same time and mix it with each other. (All available sounds are specifically listed above). There are now 9 different effects available for the sound processing of the entire sound, which can all be used at the same time. By using all these possibilities, amazing and, above all, very different sounds can be created.
And if you don't know exactly what you want to do anymore, just press the "Dice" button and let the kalimba create a sound itself.

The Walkthrough