K 101 Keyboard

6 €

Back in the 80s!

The Instrument

The K 101 is a lucky bag. Its main sound source are the vintage Casio CZ–101 keyboard, supplemented by a few sounds captured from a Casio PT-10. All the sounds are incredibly warm and charming. You can lose yourself just playing along the analog sounds, being inspired by its distinct character which is both warm and raw.

The Content

K 101´s instrument design is based on 2 simultaneous sound slots, each can be feeded with one of 47 sound sources and has a separate volume and pan knob. Beside that, the first slot provides an additional -12 to 12 semitones pitch knob.
We captured 47 individualy designed sounds of the original keyboards. We recorded the whole keyrange in minor thirds, looped the sounds, processed them if needed and extended the key range to C0-C6. In order to shape the final sound, K 101 provides plenty of sound options:
  • 3 EQ´s called „FILTER”, „A.FLT” and „HIFI”
  • rotary- , twang- and distortion-fx
  • reverb and delay
  • 2 different volume envelopes, called „PAD” and „SQR”

K 101 provides 55 presets which are covering a range of pianos, basses, pads, organs and fx-sounds. To preserve your own presets simply save the patch under a different name on your harddrive.
A very special option is the „RNDM” function, which sets fx parameters, sound selections, volumes and panning by random. This is pure fun and amazing to see what comes out in the end.

The Package

One complex Kontakt patch with 47 single sounds available twice (2 sound slots) and 55 presets.
Kontakt 4.22 full version is required. For more details please read the manual..

Listen to K 101

MOTHERSHIP 5 instances EK470 mark2 and external vocals & drums Score Pop, © by Hinnerk Hamann
LOST WORLD 4 instances K 101 Score, © by EvG
MAMUTSCHKA 8 K 101 and upcoming instrument Pop, © by EvG
GET OUT Many, many K 101.. and external perc. Modern Score, © by Hinnerk Hamann
KOSMOPONAUT 9 instances K 101 and upcoming instrument Light Pop, © by Jumpel
ELECTRONIC SPACE 4 instances K 101 Score, © by Jan Esperer